Our small leather goods are crafted from a range of premium fabrics. Top grain oiled leathers, waxed canvas and Italian full grains with pig suede lining feature throughout. No hide is the same as the last, with each item boasting a distinctive patina unique to you.

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  4. Hip Flasks 1 item
  5. Notebooks & Journal Covers 1 item
  1. Leather Trim 4 items
  2. Stainless Steel 1 item
  3. Halley Stevenson Waxed Twill 4 items
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  1. Langdale Card Holder
    Langdale Card Holder
  2. Langdale Flask Sleeve
    Langdale Flask Sleeve

    Men's 17fl oz stainless steel flask sleeve

  3. Langdale Note Book Cover
    Langdale Notebook Cover

    Men's premium Notebook

  4. Langdale Wallet
    Langdale Wallet

    Men's premium bi fold wallet 

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