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Focus: English Bridle Leather

English bridle leather is synonymous with quality and value. The strength and durability of bridle leather is built to last. The right hides, the right tannage and a labour intensive process go into developing the finest English bridle leather. Our Bruford collection features iconic J & E Sedgwick's bridle leather, each piece is highlighted with its  unique mirror finish. J & E Sedgewick’s workshop of highly skilled curriers have been producing bridle leathers for the equestrian market since 1900. Hand stained and treated with a special blend of oils, fats and waxes.

In timeless shades of black, navy and hazel tan the Burford Collection are absolute wardrobe essentials that will finesse and sharpen the discerning gentleman’s look, featuring J & E Sedgwick English bridle leathers. 

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