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Behind the scenes: Belts

Belts have been documented in male clothing since the Bronze Age, and have since become an everyday essential in modern clothing. Often an overlooked accessory, the classic belt can not only add a pop of colour or set a trend in styling, it can also add finesse to your casual or work wear. This traditional accessory has progressed from a piece of material with a few hole punches to the accessory it is recognised as today.

We have been proudly hand crafting our belts in Britain since 1946. We remain committed to British made and have more than 50 craftsmen based at our factory in the heart of England, Rutland. Our passion for producing aspiring leather goods comes from our story of age old craftsmen uniting traditional skills with beautiful leathers to make Great British Leather Goods.

Materials are hand selected for design and quality, combining the many processes and stages which go into hand-crafting each product, using traditional techniques with modern mechanics. We strive to bring the belt to the forefront, with our commitment to British made. 

There are many stages which go into making a belt from leather cutting to stitching. Take a look behind the scenes in the making of our Kingston Bankes belts