Just when we thought spring wasn’t making an appearance at all this year, Britain’s just about pulled it out the bag. The tail end of April brings with it a mini heatwave, causing sun seekers across the country to jump into summer mode. Whether it’s a touch of wanderlust or the burning desire to hop on a plane ASAP, the UV rays have something to answer for.

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably already booked your sweet summer escape. Multiple escapes, even. You’ve done the research, parted with cash and secured the ultimate getaway. Soon it’ll be time to jet off, and we have just the thing to aid a smooth airport experience.

Because even though we’re told it’s all about the journey, not the destination – we’re sure this perspective doesn’t apply to holidays, especially when it comes to airport terminals. We understand the nightmare of baggage reclaim. We understand the panic of a seemingly lost passport at border control. And we certainly don’t envy those who have ever misplaced their boarding card. Which is why our colourful range of travel accessories offer a remedy to the stress.

Leather goods and travel essentials

Handcrafted in Britain using Italian full grain leather, our premium travel essentials include luggage tags, passport covers and glasses cases.

We offer neutral colours such as black, brown and tan, for those looking to channel a classic look. Alternatively, our vibrant staples appeal to those wishing to add a pop of colour to their accessory collection. Each lovingly-made item features soft suede lining in either contrasting or matching shades, guaranteed to keep your items safe.

If you’re struggling to pick between products, (here at British Belt we’ve got our eyes on the whole range!), why not invest in a co-ordinating set? Stick to one shade, or mix and match between colours that complement each other, such as pink with dark brown or cobalt blue with burgundy.

Burgundy and cobalt blue leather travel set

We’ll also take this opportunity to remind you of our personalisation service, which is available on a selection of our small leather goods. We use classic techniques to emboss characters onto each item, creating a unique accessory that remains personal to you. Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or a one-off holidaymaker, these stylish yet functional accessories are guaranteed to last the long haul… quite literally.

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The Great Escape: Essentials You Need This Summer